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Alex Robinson is a London based artist who has Autistic Spectrum Disorder and uses his art as a form of escapism. Alex has been making figures for over 15 years, over this time the figures have become more intricate as Alex has perfected his technique. He uses polymer clay to achieve the bright colours that bring his figures to life. His work is a mixture of characters from Alex’s own vivid imagination interspersed with re-imaginations and stylisations of classic cartoon and pop culture characters. Alex has an internal world called “computer world” this is the world inside his head that allows him to process our “real” world. In this world his characters are real to him and are involved in many stories and scenarios which Alex only allows a few very special people to share with him. Alex makes 4 figures a week and,  as the numbers increase, he gives the duplicates to his family. We are able to sell these for his trust fund. Each figure he makes is between 4 to 8 cm tall. Alex has gained many followers and fans who have supported him since his work first appeared on Grayson Perry’s art club during the first lockdown. Thank you so much for your interest and support. Stay safe -Hannah Robinson (Alex’s big sister)

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